GIFmation is a professional quality GIF animation application that offers an expansive feature set tuned specifically to the needs of GIF animation creation plus an intuitive, easy to use interface that does not sacrifice capability or control.

GIFmation has an extensive feature set to give you the ability to easily create highly optimized GIF animations for your web pages. No other tool makes GIF animation as easy.

You can download GIFmation and try it out first. The unregistered version will limit you to a three frames maximum per animation, but is otherwise fully functional.

Purchase GIFmation right now and you can be using it to make better GIF animations in ten minutes with electronic delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. E-commerce never sleeps, and BoxTop tools are sure to please. The cost is only $49.95.

  • Ease of use - the most impressive thing about GIFmation is the intuitiveness and ease of the interface as a whole. GIFmation has more than just visual grace and elegance of design; it has efficiency as well. It was made to make work as fast as possible without forgetting as easy as possible.

  • Highly optimized files - GIFmation is the #2 tool on any platform for making the smallest GIF animations possible. It only recently became #2, with the release of SuperGIF. GIFmation gives you lightning fast downloads, and is the only tool that provides both easy, one-step, automatic optimization and powerful tools to manually optimize for file size, to get even better results when size is most critical.

  • Automatic effects - GIFmation for Macintosh supports all Quicktime image and video effects to make creating animation effects cheesily fun without tedious frame by frame construction. GIFmation for Windows provides plugin based effects at this time, which are not as comprehensive as current Quicktime effects.

  • Better image quality - the color reduction method used in GIFmation is the same award winning color reduction found in PhotoGIF and can achieve better image quality in your animations than any other tool, while still producing images that are much more compressible. GIFmation also has on-the-fly super palette capability to generate custom global palettes that are optimized to display all the images in your animation, something no other GIF animation application can offer.

  • Advanced animation features - onion skinning, coordinate image positioning, and automatic image alignment options are just some of the advanced animation features of GIFmation that help make animation production a breeze. You will never have to struggle with frame alignments again in GIFmation.

  • Powerful preview control - GIFmation’s document windows also act as the preview for animations in addition to providing work areas for image manipulations. Play and navigation controls are similar to common Quicktime player controls giving a very familiar feel. You can also preview animations as they would play while downloading at any speed. No other animation tool provides the ability to see performance under download conditions. GIFmation also lets you view animations at any magnification from 1:16 to 16:1, and you can even edit animations and undo while playing.

  • Full Drag & Drop support - allows GIFmation to be used seamlesly with other applications, such as image editors and WYSIWYG HTML authoring tools. PICT clippings and GIF files can be Drag & Dropped to and from the desktop. GIFmation has no limit on the number of open documents, so you can also Drag & Drop from one document to another.

  • Image editing capabilities - you can scale, crop, and flip images in GIFmation, so you can do more without having to toggle between applications. Cropping is an especially important capability that allows you to manually achieve the best file size optimization possible in conjunction with the advanced transparency tools and palette handling capabilities in GIFmation.

  • Absolute palette control - load and use any existing palette from a GIF file or Photoshop CLUT file, or any of the many built in palettes available including the Netscape palette, as well as create a custom palette optimized for the individual image, you can easily edit the colors in palettes directly for absolute control.

  • Advanced transparency tools - GIFmation allows you to set single color or multiple color based transparency using an intuitive eye dropper tool. You can also make touch-ups and corrections with a transparency brush, and clean up antialiased edges with an automatic edge tool. You have complete and easy control over image transparency with GIFmation, not just one little checkbox.

  • Extensive file format support - GIFmation uses the GIF format as its working document format, so any single or multiple image GIF89a or GIF87a file can be opened directly in GIFmation as a document. GIF, JPEG, PICT, TIFF, PhotoCD, ScitexCT, Photoshop, and Raw RGB image files can be imported into documents individually or in batches. Photoshop Layers and QuickTime movies can also be imported. No other GIF animation application offers more file format support.

  • Browser compatibility checking - GIFmation is the only GIF animation application that can provide browser compatibility checking and warn you when your animation settings won’t work correctly in one or more browsers avoiding you many headaches and hours of tedious testing and guessing with multiple browsers. With GIFmation you can create your animations with confidence and compatibility.

  • Powerful preferences capability - nearly every aspect of operation can be easily configured through preference settings in GIFmation and customized for individual work habits to simplify and speed use.