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GIFmation is a stand alone application for Macintosh and Windows and the number one GIF animation application. It's intuitive and powerful, with an extensive feature set and award winning automatic optimization for fast animation downloads. Now a universal binary for MacOS X Visit the GIFmation page for more info.


ProJPEG is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro that provides unsurpassed ability to create the smallest, fastest, and best looking JPEGs for your Web pages. Visit the ProJPEG page for more info.


SuperGIF is a stand alone application for Macintosh and Windows that provides fast, efficient automatic optimization for GIF images and animations. Using SuperGIF is as simple as a Drag & Drop. No user interaction or supervision is required and savings are as much as 80% off original GIF file size. Visit the SuperGIF page for more info.


PhotoGIF is filter plugin for Adobe Photoshop that provides unsurpassed ability to create the smallest, fastest, and best looking GIFs for your Web pages. Just like ProJPEG, except for GIFs. Visit the PhotoGIF page for more info.


ImageVice is a new color reduction filter plugin for Photoshop that can make GIF, PICT, BMP and PNG (the most popular multimedia formats) images up to 70% smaller than possible with other color reduction methods. Visit the ImageVice page for more info.


WebClipper is a free Macintosh filter plugin that corrects the color drift from Web safe colors that often happens during color reduction and allows you to create hybrid images combining custom and Web safe colors easily. Visit the Web Clipper page for more info.


ColorSafe is filter a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that extends the Web safe palette to an endless range of non-dithering hybrid colors, so you aren't stuck with those 216 ugly ones when you are concerned about color consistency. Visit the ColorSafe page for more info.


PhotoHTML is a free filter plugin for Macintosh that creates HTML tables from images. Primarily valuable for web page tricks and generating HTML color codes. Visit the PhotoHTML page for more info.

GIF Prep

GIF Prep is a free utility application for Macintosh that helps you determine the true size of GIF and JPEG files in the Finder. Visit the GIF Prep page for more info.