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BoxTop Software was founded by Travis and Richard Anton in 1995 and has since grown to be the most innovative Web graphics authoring tool company, continually redefining the standards for Web graphics production tools. As a small, personable, family business that has enjoyed much success and flattery by imitation, BoxTop is perfectly positioned to continue our tradition of excellence. We are big enough to do great things, and still small enough to care about more than sales and profit margins. We have not sold out our ideals for market share. Our products are unconditionally guaranteed. Our tech support is always free. That is how software should be.

Our marketing budget is non-existent compared to Adobe and Macromedia, though. Please help spread the word about BoxTop tools. We want to keep making more for you.

  The State of the BoxTop

In 2001, I left BoxTop to work at another company. In December 2003, Travis died, leaving BoxTop temporarily in a state of limbo just after he and I had started working together again to develop ProJPEG 6. Now, in February 2005 and wishing it could have been sooner, I have brought the company back online to carry on where Travis left off. For all our customers, I am sorry you have had to do without the service and updates you deserved during the gap, but you can count on the quality support BoxTop has always been known for in the past from now on.

I have great plans for the future of BoxTop, and we are already hard at work on them. I sometimes stop and remember the days when BoxTop was just a name Travis had to market a PhotoShop plugin that would save transparent GIF's to work with Netscape 1.1.

Expect to see new versions of all our products in the very near future; in particular we are going to be upgrading everything to run native in MacOS X ASAP. We also have plans for a groundbreaking new product, but of course we can't tell you about that yet.

-Richard Anton February 8, 2005

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